Thursday, November 17, 2011

It Begins...Again

I started my HCG today - had a marvelous time stuffing my face.

In the span of less than 24 hours - I have consumed the following:
2 slices of toast with Brummel and Brown spread
Large bowl of Berry Berry Kix cereal and milk
2 Sausage Egg and Cheese McMuffins
Orange Juice
Scotcharoo bar
Pumpkin pie
Chai Pumpkin Tea
Apple Cider

5 piece nugget with sweet and sour
Junior bacon cheeseburger

Garlic bread
Chocolate Almond milk

2 Boston kreme donuts
1/2 Maple bar
Chocolate milk
1 Avocado

I also baked 4 pies, de-pouched a JuJuBe Behave, sewed a satin pouch from the Behave's innards, gave a slice of pie to my mailman (poor guy had to work a double route :( ), supervised the girls as they played with our new hamster (Allie - totally Kellie's idea), grocery shopped, and managed to squeeze some girl time in with Ryan. (Sorry about your arm pit :( )

Now - before bed - I'll have to come up with something that is small but packs a caloric punch.

Watch out - kid stories below, unrelated to my weight loss journey.

Kellie calls herself "Mommy" when playing with Allie. In her sweet little voice "It's okay, Mommy is here." "Mommy just wants to make sure we get all these little poopies picked up." "Mommy said it isn't safe to go that far!" "Awwwww - come snuggle Mommy." "Hey! You listen to your Mother!"

When Delia and I went grocery shopping (Kellie and Dad stayed home - she read books, he played a video game) - she was such a big helper. Super sweet and charming. But my favorite part was when we pulled into the parking lot and she said, "Hey Mom?"
Me: Yes Monkeybuns?
Delia: When I grow up big and big and big and big - I want to be a Momma just like you.
Me: Blink blink (For the tears, you know?) Delia - that is so sweet. I hope you get to be a Mommy just like me.
Delia: And Mom?
Me: Yes DearDoll?
Delia: When I get tall and tall and tall and tall - I'm going to drive fast just like Daddy.