Saturday, November 19, 2011

Second Verse - Same As the First?

No. No, not at all.

I'm sure it is different with everyone, but this is my first VeryLowCalorieDiet day (henceforth known as VLCD) on HCG injections and the difference between the way I felt on drops and the way I feel on shots is ASTOUNDING.

On the drops, I would have an errant craving (old habits die hard and there are opportunities for munching everywhere) and hear myself thinking "Whoa, whoa. No need to go there. Remember that you've got HCG on your side? Just walk away."

Today, I walked past the Pretzel Maker (my all-time favorite mall food, one that I get every time the opportunity presents itself) and my thoughts sounded a little something like this "Oooooh...pretzel bites... yu... yu... yuck? What the??"

I actually almost gagged at the thought of any kind of food entering my mouth. I felt so FULL. Not mentally, like I was trying to trick myself, like I did on the drops. But physically. I felt physically full like after a huge order of takeout.

I have confidence that this round will be successful.

Also, on a weird note, my post-binge weight is the exact same weight as my first attempt at hHCG (the drops round). 177.4 exactly. I didn't gain any weight after my second day of loading. I gained it all in the first day.

Almost as if my body has put this limit on my weight that says:

-I don't give two shakes that you ate 6500 calories and 150 grams of fat yesterday. I will not store more than 177.4 pounds for you.-