Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Unitards Rock

I'm about to begin a very dangerous activity.

I always say the only kind of exercise I like to do is Tae Bo.

I've always claimed I couldn't because:
... the VCR is plugged in upstairs. Who wants to bounce around on a second-level hardwood floor??
... I don't liiiiike the new Tae Bo. I miss Billy Blanks' unitard - and all the "friends!"
... I just ate a taco.

I bought a $6 VCR from Goodwill today and had the husband install it downstairs. So I can use my old school Tae Bo - with manboobs popping out of the unitard and all the friends Emily and I became acquainted with in high school. We named them all. They have backstories.

I also made sure not to eat a taco today.

The last time I attempted to Tae Bo - I punched my kid in the head.


Wish me luck. And stay out of my range.


I still love Tae Bo! And the best part? I didn't do it to make up for a binge meal. I didn't do it to plan for a binge meal. I just did it because I like it. A first for me.

I didn't punch my kid in the head - but I did kick my dog.
Skirts and Tae Bo do not mix. Pantsless Tae Bo is jiggly. But I was afraid if I took the time to go find workout clothes I would get distracted or find a taco. So pantsless won.
My hands are shaking from an adrenaline rush and my woken-from-hibernation muscles are thrilled with all this oxygen!

Emily S. - I thought of you the whole time! Miss you!